August 23, 2013

Apple gets 3D gesture control patent for iPad + iPhone

Once and a while there are some ground breaking themes that blow your design mind. Apple is doing that all the time.

After just over 3 years of waiting, Apple has just been approved for a patent pending from 2010 that would allow a user to quickly and intuitively generate, modify, and manipulate 3D objects and virtual environments. Assuming the patent would be applied to future iPhones and iPads, smart product users would be able to manipulate 3D objects on their devices using gestural control with their fingers. as portable computing continues to pick up momentum, the rise of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping technologies will be streamlined — working together with apple devices to design with CAD in 3D on the go.

The patent describes the patent this way:

‘A device having a touch-sensitive display that enables a user to generate and manipulate 3D objects using 3D gesture inputs is disclosed. the device has touch sensors that can sense positions and movements of objects contacting a surface of the display, and proximity sensors that can sense positions and movements of objects in a three-dimensional space in the vicinity of the display surface (including movements in proximity to, but not actually touching, the display surface). the touch sensors can be sensitive to haptic and/or tactile contact with a user, and map touch positions and finger movements to predefined touch inputs and 2D gesture inputs, respectively.’

To see full full patent details, see here.

I am 100% sure this patent will make the design a little more easier and pleasent to be done.