Cosmo - A Ceiling Lamp for the Universe
Cosmo – A Ceiling Lamp for the Universe

Delightfull is well know for creating ‘fresh classics’, for their amazing work with noble metals such as brass and aliminum, for their unique creations and custom models but most of all, in my opinion, for their capability of making impact every time they launch a new lamp.

They totally put the expectation very high with their latest COSMO Suspension lamp.

Cosmo-by-Delightfull-unique-suspension-ceiling-lamp  Cosmo - A Ceiling Lamp for the Universe cosmo hanging dining sculptural cosmic lamp 01

Inspired by the space with all its galaxies and planets, COSMO is a dynamic piece full of energy and versatility, since all its spheres can rotate within 2 axis which enable it to cast light into any spot. Composed by 11 illuminating spheres of different sizes, the majestic lighting piece is made in aluminum.

Let’s have a better look on the details…

Delightfull-Cosmo-Suspension-lamp  Cosmo - A Ceiling Lamp for the Universe delightfull cosmo 03

COSMO speaks an universal language because it’s not strictly connected into a more industrial world, but is also versatile to the point of being totally customizable in terms of shapes and colors.

I would see the lamp applied in hotel projects in lobbies, waiting rooms, dining rooms, providing a modern and exquisite ambiance to all the surroundings.

Cosmo-Delightfull-Lamp-Ceiling  Cosmo - A Ceiling Lamp for the Universe delightfull cosmo 02Since Delightfull accept custom versions, it would be also interesting to see COSMO suspended in some bedrooms of active kids who dreamed a dream about being an astronaut. This lamp takes the universe of lighting of Delightfull to the next level.

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