Design is going MAD, literally

Talking about art and design can make you mad, in a positive kind of way. And if that madness is fulfilled through the walls and exhibitions hosted in the number 2 of Columbus Circle, you’re in the right way. The corner of Central Park is the new home of MAD, the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

New York is the city where everything is possible. The MAD museum confirms this reality and celebrates design, art, materials and processes of this field.  Design is going MAD, literally oP8NB3H nFEB3ToAAAAASUVORK5CYII

Design collections, studies about the field, workshops, preservation of outlines and a display of plenty of contemporary objects, are the pulse of MAD. The museum is the place where creativity expands to unknown fields, cultivating the inspiration of mind. The basis is the craft because it flows through craft itself, design, contemporary art, fashion, interior design, technology and architecture. Living together under the same roof, design pieces are admired by many people every day.