Emerald Green Fever: Piccadilly Cabinet by Boca do Lobo


Taking traditional furniture designs, such as the classic armoires or dresser, the Piccadilly collection by Boca Do Lobo brings them into the digital age with fabulous and exciting cabinet design concepts. It’s all about a whole new concept of cabinetry.

In a glance you can feel the dichotomy between modernity and tradition, just like the famous Piccadilly Circus, in London. And the architectural contrast between the present and the cities’ heritage that can be felt in those Londoner squares that give the pixelate effect like the cabinet is loading the rest of the details. Looking like a frozen moment between the two generations in the outside, the inside is just about the opposite showing a clean exquisite interior completed with a classic dome in the top, containing four drawers and two shelves.



Upon opening up the cabinet doors, a sleek interior featuring rich dark wood and mirrored surfaces is revealed, creating an intriguing visual effect that adds extra depth and mystery to the furnishings.


The delicate and dynamic dichotomy between traditional elegance and modern innovation is fully embodied by the luxurious Piccadilly cabinet design collection.

More information:

US Agent: www.demoraisinternational.com

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