European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD
European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD


New York Design Agenda decided to share with you a fantastic showroom enunciating a partnership for Design Miami & Art Basel with two unique European brands.

Two European Brands – Boca do Lobo and DelightFULL – will be at Design Miami & Art Basel with their pieces in an amazing showroom in Miami – 278 NW 37th Street-Miami-Florida 33127.

These great events brings together from all parts of the world the most influential collectors, designers and curators to celebrate DESIGN.


Boca do Lobo Design is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. They creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do.

root-classic-mirror-multiple-carved-frames-01  European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD root classic mirror multiple carved frames 01

Francois Fossard is a Boca do Lobo lover and he will open a new office in Miami with a Boca do Lobo Showroom integrated.


DELIGHTFULL‘s Lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, and strong emotions are present in each detail. 

Working with our hands we transfer our passion and devotion into everything we make and thus our masterpieces are born.”

Coltrane suspension lamps are one of the best sellers for DelightFULL and looks fantastic in different spaces:

delightfull_coltrane-midcentury-modern-ceiling-dining-lamp  European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD delightfull coltrane midcentury modern ceiling dining lamp

François Frossard chose DelightFULL lamps for his showroom in Miami.


He is the founding principal of Francois Frossard Design (FFD), and regarded as one of the most cutting edge interior designers and interior architects in the country.

57ef6ad2b4be7267dfbf5f67f34d9feb  European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD 57ef6ad2b4be7267dfbf5f67f34d9feb

Frossard’s signature “grand style” infused with “high bold drama” can be found in celebrated venues around the world. He leads the current new romantic design movement, incorporating decadence and luxury, pairing fanciful with tradition.


5199de9f78578f775efe32bb84abadfd  European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD 5199de9f78578f775efe32bb84abadfd

eb88cca9433aff4f529ac9f626f669d6  European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD eb88cca9433aff4f529ac9f626f669d6

18adc76a88fd418c9f1220b61ffc7b7c  European brands in a partnership with FRANCOIS FOSSARD 18adc76a88fd418c9f1220b61ffc7b7c

His early projects included Mirai Sushi (1999) and Heat Restaurant Chicago (2000), but in 2002, The Opium Group, a national nightclub firm known for their jet-set celebrity clients, retained Frossard as lead designer. He unveiled PRIVE, the first in a series of uber-chic venues for the group and the first American nightclub to depart from traditional dark bawdy atmospheres, focusing on the elegance of simplicity and modern style. Establishing himself as the genius behind the award-winning designs of iconic nightclubs including Mansion, SET, Arkadia, Story, Frossard’s vast portfolio evolved to also include pioneering concepts for the hospitality industry at large.


Miami will be surprised by Boca do Lobo and DelightFULL’s Design Pieces…


New York Design Agenda will continue to inform you about the best Desing Events, Trends and Luxury homes in New York City.

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