September 28, 2012

Frank Sinatra’s penthouse in Manhattan, a modern space from an eternal voice

Manhattan is the glorious area of New York full of rising and legendary stars and… masterpiece buildings.

Frank’s Sinatra penthouse is one of them.

Frank Sinatra Penthouse in New York

Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, on 72nd Street, the property has an open kitchen, dining room, living room, and three luxurious bedrooms. All these with fantastic Hudson River’s views, with a glass spiral staircase leading to the master suite – an extravagant construction that includes a huge master bedroom, a separate living room, and a wraparound terrace with a green garden.

Frank Sinatra Penthouse New York

Frank Sinatra penthouse in NY

Many guests welcomed and entertained on that luxury house were President John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, along with Sinatra’s long term companions and “Rat Pack” members whom would fling their champagne drinks from the terrace onto Franklin Roosevelt drive, during wild and legendary boozy parties.

Frank Sinatra, Marylin Monroe, John Kennedy

Sinatra helped design the property when he moved in; the penthouse is considered a monument to celebrity fans.

The famous apartment is now for sale for a cool amount of $7.7million.
Will you pay for this space of memories glamour and “jazz” in New York’s Manhattan?