google office in new york city
Google´s New York City office

New York is constantly reinventing itself, the MAD museum is the perfect place to see how design is always changing the face of the city.
Take the Meatpacking District: it used to be known for its working slaughterhouses and packing plants. Today it’s known for the High Line, restaurants and fashion boutiques. With that approach to innovation, we realized in 2000, this city is the perfect place for Google.

google new york city lounge, office  Google´s New York City office 002 google colored lounge

As Google revamps its New York City headquarters, TIME takes a look at its quirky new digs, complete with office-lounge slides, subway-themed conference rooms and free food.

google office new york  Google´s New York City office 004 green microkitchen

Google´s New York City office 006 working from home

new york google office  Google´s New York City office 008 lunch at our water tower cafe

google new york office classic library  Google´s New York City office 011 classic library

Undoubtedly, Google’s Office in New York is a Best Place to Work.

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