August 7, 2013

IKEA furniture in your home with an augmented reality app

IKEA 2014 furniture catalog is now fully available at your place with an augment realtiy app.

The Swedish furniture manufacturer lets you explore their products by allowing you to place a selection of their furniture and lighting designs right into your home via an augmented reality smartphone application by scanning selected pages of the printed magazine. Therefore, it will enable you to visualize how a particular chair, table or sofa might look like on your very own house.
Approximately 90 IKEA items are available for you to digitally place in your house.


Scaling is done by placing the IKEA catalogue on the floor and framing it within your device’s camera, so that you are able to achieve a better detailed idea of how a particular piece might fit within your personal space. Truth said, IKEA furniture is simply layered over a real-time view of your current living space, so that you can determine whether or not it is your style, or will actually be appropriate for a certain room.


available august 25th, 2013, the access to extra IKEA content is available for both iOS and android devices, and will also be available through the IKEA catalogue’s digital version.

Here are some screenshots of how it looks and feels:

IKEA-augmented-reality-catalogue-new-york-design-agenda-3Playing around IKEA furniture displayed in your home…


Great way of a preview fitting an Ikea console at your place.

Video is a courtesy of IKEA.