Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture
Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture

Love Happens in NYC | KOKET

Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture koket1

New York City is arguably the best places to shop, making the New York City woman the ultimate shopping guru! Home to many of the latest styles and trends, these New Yorkers from Manhattan to Brooklyn just can’t help but be fashion divas.  The streets are filled with different trends and styles, and are unique in their fashion as the different areas that make up New York herself. But one thing is for sure, the New York woman loves her shoes! If Sex and the City has taught us one thing, it’s that New York City is one of the best places for shoe shopping!

Jimmy-Choo-New-York-City  Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture 2438

christian-louboutin-shoes  Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture christian louboutin josefa 120 platform sandals 4

There are many images conceived of a New York girl as she exudes style and glamour.  Not only does she have impeccable taste in shoes but she carries this style into her home.  As these ladies walk tall in their opulent stilettos they step into a home decorated with the same level of luxury and glamour.  This desire for the finest and most appealing designs leads to one décor brand, KOKET!  Just as the NYC girl loves a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choos they are throwing themselves on to the fine designs of KOKET.

Allure-table-by-koket-love-happens  Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture allure p


Ignite-Koket-Bench-Love-Happens  Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture ignite p

Colette-Sofa-by-Koket-Love-Happens  Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture colette p

This line was designed with the NYC girl in mind. KOKET herself originated in a NY cocktail bar and has now grown to be showcased in many NYC design shows, never failing to attract a crowd! The ladies here LOVE all the empowering statement pieces, exhibiting the sex appeal, glitz and glamour well associated with the New York Woman.

Eternity-Chandelier-by-Koket-Love-Happens  Love Happens in NYC | Koket Furniture eternity1

Being a fairly new company you may not have heard of this lavish brand, but be sure to take a look at,  they are the next up and coming interior décor brand having already generated sales world wide from top designers and stores!

Remember, Love Happens!


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