New York Madonna's House
Madonna’s house in New york

Known for her extravagancies, the Material Girl Madonna is capable of doing pretty much anything to stay on top and to make her fans even more proud of its conquers and undefeatable attitude. Her 57-foot-wide town house at the Upper East Side of New York is just another example.

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This low profile architectural mansion with 57 feet of street frontage is one of the widest town houses in Manhattan, a combination of what have once been three separated houses. The spacious house has 26 rooms, including a 38-foot-wide drawing room and 13 bedrooms. There are 9 fireplaces, 11-foot ceilings and, in the rear, a 3,000-square-foot garden.
Central Park is no longer needed when you have park sized backyard.

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If the house isn’t big enough, its size can be doubled under current zoning, and unlike those precious buildings on Fifth Avenue, it is situated beyond the purview of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. An amazing building for the Queen of Pop.

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Get the Look:

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A stylish trend close to the heart of New York city.

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  • The coffee table by Jean Pascaud ( American rosewood and black opaline top ) was bought at my gallery in Paris !!
    But they never told me it will be for Madonna’s house !!
    So you have to noticed that the best antiques from the 40/70 are available by Art & Design Gallery corner rue de Penthièvre and Avenue Matignon in Paris .
    No Web site , because my clients never ask for and the turn over is to quick to do it .
    Ask me watt you are looking for and I will send to you a short selection from my huge warehouse .My Email adresse / //
    I hope to hear from you soon , Ralph Könnemann .

  • Great Decor. That Jean Pascaud table is great! Like you Ralph, over the years a lot of things have come out of my gallery to be surprised when I see them in a magazine at a celebrity’s house, or in an article about an era or on these reality tv shows. Big surprise when Whoopi Goldberg emailed me asking if I had made some pieces she had in here home. These homes are always a pleasure to look at and even better when you see your work or a piece you owned in them. New York is our 2nd biggest market – a market with high level of decor education. and can always ask who we make custom items for when you contact us

  • Eric

    The interior photos are from her previous apartment

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