Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights!
Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights!

The exhibitor listing for Maison et Objet is packed full of innovative designers and beautiful products but a few stood out among the rest. This group displays the wide array of design goodies that will be on display at Maison et Objet. There’s something to drool over for every design aesthetic.

1. Atelier du Liseron G Naudin (Hall 4, A42). These beautiful, painted pieces of furniture would make such a lovely statement in your home. This brand’s hallmark is bespoke painted creations, whether it be furniture, murals, or panels. These pieces would make an art gallery of any room!

Atelier du Liseron G Naudin, Maison et Objet, painted furniture, colorful, interior design  Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! Broderie

2. Fanny Laugier Porcelain (Stand 4, D24). These pieces capitalize on creative uses of the porcelain. I love how they’ve used such and elegant and classic medium in unexpected and occasionally humorous ways.

Fanny Laugier Porcelain, Maison et Objet, Porcelain, Ceramics, Sculpture  Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! Bandelette SS

3. Boca do Lobo exquisite furniture made a great momentum at Hall 7. All pieces on the stand looked stunning!

Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! 59546 10151226592836586 1908072119 n

4. Valerie Casado (Hall 4, C40 & D39). These unusual pieces snagged my attention immediately. The rough & organic lines, bold use of texture, and gorgeous subtle glazes make for an incredible collection. They’re so pretty I think I’d be afraid to actually use them – though what an interesting table setting these would make!

maison et objet, trade show, interior design, ceramics, porcelain, dishware  Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! valerie casado

6. Elgin (Hall 5A, E62 & F61). This furniture company combines classic silhouettes with colorful, sumptuous fabrics and edgy decorative detailing to create sleek, luxurious furnishings for the home. The company also features glassware, lighting, and home accessories.

Elgin, Maison et Objet, furniture, textiles, home accessories, lighting, interior design, home style  Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! fauteuil classique avec repose pieds 8856 1615935

7. Women here thrilled at KOKET‘s stand (Hall 7 as well as Boca do Lobo) with some magical and intimate pieces.

Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! 65874 491433684228716 269613086 n

8. Delightfull ‘fresh classics’, as they called theirselves, made a tremendous impacto with the BIG Diana floor lamp. A big yet cute and cozy lamp for any large living room.

Delightfull - Diana XL  Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! 150634 10152432823090128 895781871 n

8. BRABBU was the most surprising stand at Maison et Objet (Hall 5). I totally felt at home in the middle of their amazing lamps and comfortable sofas. See for yourself:

BRABBU-MAISON-ET-OBJET  Maison et Objet: Hottest Highlights! 530633 412045805539816 250633962 n

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