Mujjo: NYC preferred sleeves for devices
Mujjo: NYC preferred sleeves for devices

Those who walk around New York recently have seen tones of people walking straight forward to new Apple store to buy the new iPhone. Androids by Google are also becoming trend, but Steve Job’s creation is the chosen one around the 5th Avenue.

So, wherever you’re a NY Geek, an Apple lover or just a fan of accessories news, this article is for you. Some people say that God made the world and the Dutch made Holland. Probably, they’ve done more than it… Remember how hard sometimes it is to find the perfect sleeve for your computer, mobile phone, tablet or even a wallet? Mujjo, a bright company from The Netherlands makes it easier by creating probably the best of the best in sleeves.

iphone, muijo, new york  Mujjo: NYC preferred sleeves for devices iphone s3 IMG 0161

Made with wool felt and high quality leather, these sleeves are available not only on the stores but also online. So, it’s easy to make them yours. The minimalistic approach of the creation makes them a unique object. The softness and the fashionable way are explored down the sleeves and there’s nothing more beautiful to protect your keepings than this.

muijo iphone new york  Mujjo: NYC preferred sleeves for devices All together001

iphone muijo new york netherlands  Mujjo: NYC preferred sleeves for devices iphone w3 IMG 0107

Each sleeve combines the features of the soft wool felt as also small compartments to keep small things, like earplugs, money and so on. Named after their capacity of improvement, these sleeves are called “The Original Collection”. Handcrafted, with fashion designers help and with two color combinations – these are the three main features of them.

mujjo retina pro, new york  Mujjo: NYC preferred sleeves for devices macbook pro with retina display 15 4inch mujjo originals

The material is 100% environment friendly and it’s also renewable. If you’ll ever be surprised by a rainstorm don’t worry: the original collection thought about it and made the sleeves water-resistant. The last question is… are you mujjo-resistant? Or will you go immediately buy one of the items?

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