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NYC Black Friday in Luxury  NYC Black Friday in Luxury AMBIENTE SUMPTUOUSCHRISTMASOFFER
NYC Black Friday in Luxury

Hello Fellow New Yorkers! I am wishing to you a fabulous Thanksgiving Day! I hope you share lots of wonderful moments with your families, and stuff yourselves with lots of yummy food! And don’t forget to prepare yourself for all the Black Friday Deals!

So here’s where the story starts: as the unofficial holiday, Black Friday has become a madhouse of soccer moms in matching track suits all anxiously waiting in the cold frost morning hoping to score one of only ten Xboxes on sale… Meanwhile you my friend, will be fast asleep, let’s face it most of us will be too tired to wake up, let alone attempt to go Black Friday shopping at 4am. But do not fear, for I have hunted and rummaged and have found for you the most luxurious deals for you on black Friday. So you go ahead and open that second bottle of wine and sleep your pretty head in, knowing full well you won’t be missing out on Black Friday- just avoiding a possible early morning trampling!


Zara: West 34th Street

This trendy store will be offering up to 50% off.  Don’t forget to shop their HOME selection online for more savings.

Zara Home  NYC Black Friday in Luxury BYDDcHf8P79ZF3ynsuQ4AAAAASUVORK5CYII


An online retailer for luxury furniture, KOKET, will be able to extend special deals to select clients.  The best part is, there is no waiting in line! Shop online now:

By Koket  NYC Black Friday in Luxury kkih7s7gRl8AAAAASUVORK5CYII

Milly: 900 Madison Avenue  –20% off everything!

This Madison Ave store is a must stop shop! You can finally buy the items you have been wanting, now for 20% off. Once here be sure to take a stroll down Madison Ave.  Many other boutiques and designers will be offering the best deals of the year, so be sure to stop into your favorite design store.

Milly Madison Avenue NYC  NYC Black Friday in Luxury millynyc1

Steinway & Sons: 109 West 57th Street

After you have relaxed and regained your energy visit Steinway & Sons for their black piano event. Your luxury home is not complete without a beautiful piano! This company has been making the “world’s finest pianos for over 150 years” They are giving discounts on their new polished ebony finish piano.

Steinway & Sons  NYC Black Friday in Luxury img 04422

Boca do Lobo:

Another online retailer of luxury furniture pieces is also offering exclusive discount to select clients.  So visit their website and send them an email to see if you qualify!  This furniture is all handmade from the finest materials so an offer like this won’t come again.  Be sure you contact them this Friday!

newton-black-gold-dining-table-large-size-table-limited-edition-boca-do-lobo  NYC Black Friday in Luxury newton black gold dining table large size table limited edition boca do lobo 09

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

Ayza Wine and Chocolate  NYC Black Friday in Luxury medium 180079 10150151786191425 159629621424 8526491 7723777 n

Remember to take some time to relax during all the hustle and bustle.   Visit the Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar where you can treat yourself to a nice glass of wine or beer for an amazing price of $1.00! Besides, one can never have enough wine or beer, especially on a Friday.

Happy Black Friday!

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