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Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design
Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design

Robert Couturier is one of the most exquisite interior designers New York City as to offer. He has an amazing history behind its success:

Robert Couturier made design history in 1987 when the billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith, who could have engaged any architect and decorator in the known world to do his bidding, followed his legendary instincts and entrusted the 32-year-old Couturier with what would amount to the single greatest private commission of modern times: the re-conception, execution, and continuous embellisment – down to the last gilded detail – of Goldsmith’s 20,000-acre kingdom on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Robert Couturier  Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design P1060087This is man fashionable in love with the Old World: he thrives on grand French restaurants, listens only to classical music, and heads to the Wrightsman Galleries at New York’s Metropolitan Museum or to the Louvre in Paris for rejuvenation: “I invariably feel ‘resourced’ and reconciled,” he explains. But his wicked, self-conscious wit and humor make his elegant habits seem refreshing—even, shocking to say, rather modern.


Robert Couturier-NY-Interior-Design-New-York  Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design P1060060

His home is in Soho but we could have been in Paris. Robert Couturier is as sophisticated as his home, which exemplifies his own cultured background. A cultural sensibility of design, a mind full of history, a joint of eras, be it a luminaire from the 1960s or a Louis XVI commode. It’s to say that Robert is an American with a worldwide sense of style and design.

Couturier-Robert-About-NY-Interior-Designer-Top  Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design P1060063

Robert-Couturier-New-York-Design-Interiors  Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design P1060034

Couturier never let’s the credits on someone’s hands. His work is remarkable, and with a sophistication that few of us can imagine. Have a look yourself:

Houses-Made-by-NY-INterior-Designer-Robert-Couturier  Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design house collage

Houses decorated by Robert Couturier

Apartments-made-by-Robert Couturier  Robert Couturier | Haute Couture in Design apartment collage

Apartments decorated by Robert Couturier

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