Showrooms in New York Part I: Voce Di

Hello New York Design lovers! NYDA got on its boots and started touring the beautiful and classy Soho town in New York looking for the most “in” and refined showroom for new designs. The most trusted sources of novelties on art, sculptures design and other fine arts.

VoceDi-Soho-NewYork-design-agenda  Showrooms in New York Part I: Voce Di VoceDi Soho NewYork design 01

Our first stop was at Voce Di, located in Grand Street.

Voce Di, “voice of” in Italian, is a revolutionary design resource born in May 2012 from encounter of two creative minds of European transplants Claire Maestroni and Giorgio Stefano.
With a combined 45 years of interior design experience, they were able to create a unique space that is an equal parts furniture showroom and fine art gallery, interior design center and cultural events venue. True to its name, Voce Di gives voice to selected international designers and emerging artists, along with acclaimed luxury brands and local developers.
The first time we went there, curiously, was during its 1st year anniversary on May 20th. The picture in front features some elements of our team there!
Voce-Di-Soho-1st-Anniversary-New-York-ICFF  Showrooms in New York Part I: Voce Di 945807 608121009206581 1225422207 n
The showroom combines modern trends at the highest standards of technology with artisanal old word experience. It is here that everyone can feel at home while enjoying the selection of the finest interior design products including flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, waterproof art panels, furniture, home accessories, lighting, rugs and fabrics.
VoceDi-Soho-NewYork-design-02  Showrooms in New York Part I: Voce Di VoceDi Soho NewYork design 02
Voce Di is all about a timeless lifestyle experience for those who embrace luxury and for whom the combination of modern technology and handcrafted materials are a natural progression. This is an innovative and international aesthetic that is the connection between the client’s idea, the product and a way of life. In this spirit, the space is a platform to give voice to designers, artists, architects, musicians and companies who share this ideal.
VoceDi-Soho-NewYork-design-3  Showrooms in New York Part I: Voce Di VoceDi Soho NewYork design 04
For More information:
43-45 Grand Street | New York NY 10013
T 212.775.8011
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