Ultimate Design News for New York City
Ultimate Design News for New York City

Navigating through the web makes us feel inspired and in love. Design novelties are always sweet inspiration, and since Christmas is coming there’s nothing better than preparing the wish list. Here are a few recommendations from New York Design Agenda, Ultimate Design News:

1 – NEWTON Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


Newton-Black-gold-dining-table  Ultimate Design News for New York City newton black gold dining table large size table limited edition boca do lobo 13

These guys never stop surprising us! At the time Boca do Lobo does something regular on their designs, the faith in humanity is lost.
Newton is a wonderfull creation, a truly moment of inspiration from the Gravity law of Isaac Newton. A table completed byspheres and semi spheres that joined together complete this dining table with this exquisite look.
Inspired in Newton’s law of gravity, we were looking for an object capable to reflect the sphere attraction as they were joined with their mass, force and energy. This table is ideal for 8 to 10 persons who will be amazed when gracing this masterpiece at your home.

2 – Candy Light by Baccarat, featuring Jaime Hayon

Candy Light by Baccarat  Ultimate Design News for New York City produit lampes 3 12 jpg  q85

Contemporary design courtesy of Spanish creative Jaime Hayon is fused with the artisan crystal techniques of Baccarat in the Candy light that features a Juvisy cut lampshade and signature red crystal dimmer switch.

3 – Hanna Floor Lamp by Delightfull

Ultimate Design News for New York City hanna fixture mid century modern unique sculptural brass lamp 01

Hanna is a vintage floor lamp which suits perfectly a living room or a hall. Its structure made in noble marble reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco. As the jazz drummer Jake Hanna, this floor lamp takes the shape out of that voluptuous instrument.

4 – Beoplay A9 by Bang & Olufsen

BeoPlay A9 Bang & Olufsen  Ultimate Design News for New York City Bang 2B 2526 2BOlufsen 2BBeoPlay 2BA9

Bang & Olufsen once again ups the stakes in the competitive world of beautifully designed premium speaker systems with the Beoplay A9, a wireless sound system designed by Oivind Slatto to function as both sound and sculpture.

Prepare yourself to have a Christmas with the best design, with the New York City inspiration of greatness!

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