Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU  Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU brabbu ambience press 29 HR feature1
Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU

Recently, the classic luxurious hotel Fairmont Germany had a full décor renovation. All five floors including a total of 156 elegant rooms and luxurious suites, suffered a relook, gaining an exciting new style which combines precious fabrics and international design ideas. BRABBU was one of the brands whose pieces were specified to this project. The design chosen was Nº20 Armchair.

Six fresh and unconventional yet classy and timeless color schemes were defined to the project. Bright, creamy nuances are pleasantly contrasted by accentuating highlight colors in gold, kiwi green, powder blue, carmine and light purple. Every room is different from the other, the same happens with each floor. Every little detail is considered whether regarding decoration or lighting. Details make the difference.

BRABBU’s Nº20 Armchair was picked to the classic hotel luxurious suites. The standard version is fully upholstered in twill with golden polished nails in the back. The ones used in the hotel project have different fabrics and colors and the legs are in wood, not upholstered. All

Of them have nails in the back, recalling the mid-century modern style.

It’s a very elegant and cozy armchair that perfectly fits the décor, in harmony with the ambiance’s other elements.

Nº20 Armchair

brabbu-ambience-press-29-HR 3  Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU brabbu ambience press 29 HR 3 540x360 brabbu-ambience-press-29-HR 4  Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU brabbu ambience press 29 HR 4 540x360



brabbu-ambience-press-29-HR 2  Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU brabbu ambience press 29 HR 2 540x360

Home-and-decoration-industrial-design-reclaimed-wood-credenza-with-drawers-54351  Fairmont Hotel Luxurious suites by BRABBU Home and decoration industrial design reclaimed wood credenza with drawers 54351

Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº 20 Armchair was raise through a long journey of a total set of 24 prototypes intended to reinterpret the forces of nature.

Nº 20 distinguishes itself for its attitude represented in its fabric, a beautiful and standing out blue twill, and structure   that   embraces   us   with   strength   and determination, like Mother Nature.

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